Team Golf Trophy 2018

Simone Abati
Project Manager

I started playing golf when I was a kid, but during the last years I did not have enough time to play it. Nevertheless, thanks to Golf Trophy I want to share the interest for this sport and to let discover to who have never tried that it could be very funny. With the team we want to organize an another amazing edition, of course this will be a new challenge!

Sara Castellarin
Sponsor Manager

I'm a dynamic and determined person, always attracted by what is new. That's what happened with golf last year. I took part in the Golf Trophy event and fell in love with it. I like to challenge myself every single day, so that now I've taken the challenge of organizing a new outstanding edition of the Golf Trophy.

Lorenzo Domaine
Marketing Manager

Golf Trophy offers one of the few chances to experience a full day surrounded by friends and smart people, which is one of the best things in ESCP Europe and a unique opportunity to live a different day. As for my part, I both love Golf and Communication, so this is the perfect position in which I want to find myself!

Benedetta Cravero
Booking Manager

I have always been passionate about sports and in particular outdoor sports. I choose to be part of the Golf Trophy Team because I strongly believe in the potentiality and importance of this event for the personal and professional growth of each participant. As a matter of fact I consider it the perfect occasion for new joiners (and not only) to meet new friends and more deeply the professors, the staff and alumni creating so a broad network since it is the first official event of the academic year. I chose booking because I am a very well organised person and I love planning everything is programmable. I want to be sure to have find the most efficient way in order to have the best result. This experience will give me the chance to challenge myself in a new environment among old friends and new ones.

Federico Di Tizio
Marketing Manager

Even if throughout my life, I have always tried to mix a range of different passion and experiences, I recognize that most of my choices have been usually characterized by the dichotomy between business and sport. Therefore, during my studies at ESCP I have always tried to face as many challenges as possible in order to find the right balance between these two passions of mine. And the Golf Trophy 2018 event, in particular the communication department, seems the perfect challenge for me to face new adventures and create the basis for the goals I have set for myself.

Emilie Pession
Finance Manager

Sports have always been a big part of my life. Taking the challenge of organizing such a cool event allows me to combine this great passion with the possibility to further develop and apply my knowledge and skills to a context which is different from the academic and professional one, while working in a team of talented and inspiring people.

Gianluca Broglio
Sponsor Manager

I am a golf player since 2010. My passion for this sport and my natural inclination to take on new challenges every day are the reasons why I decided to join this wonderful team. I had the pleasure to be part of the last year event organized by ESCP Golf Trophy and it has been a wonderful day. With the Sponsor team, I'll do all my best to involve even more sponsors than the previous year and turn the ESCP Golf Trophy 2018 in a memorable event.